Thinking outside the box is a tradition in the Magic Valley. Over a century ago, I.B. Perrine and other pioneers looked out over the sagebrush-covered land and imagined a network of canals flowing across the region, transforming it into lush, green fields.

That same creative spirit still flows through the Magic Valley today. A wide variety of visual, performing and literary artists have come from Twin Falls and the surrounding areas over the years, educating and entertaining us all.

The Twin Falls Center for the Arts is a place where the community can gather to celebrate life and art in the Magic Valley. From paintings to piano recitals to poetry slams, our focus is on bringing art, in all its forms, to the people of Twin Falls in a way that is welcoming, accessible and affordable.

Using the same outside-the-box thinking that has made the Magic Valley a great place to live and work, we have brought together the for-profit and non-profit business sectors in a new and exciting way. The building will feature not only the Arts Center, but a new restaurant with stunning views of the Snake River Canyon, professional offices, and an outdoor plaza complete with a performance space.

Imagine a place where you can enjoy a music recital, foreign film, or dinner theater performance on a Friday evening. Where you and your children can learn new ways to express your creativity through workshops and classes. Where you can see a traveling watercolor exhibition one week and a collection of avant-garde photography the next. Where you can spend a Saturday morning watching a local artist paint a picture of the canyon while a band plays on the outdoor stage. That place is the Twin Falls Center for the Arts!

Twin Falls Center for the Arts
Magic Valley Arts Council
195 River Vista Place
PO Box 1158
Twin Falls, ID 83303